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Welcome to GLUBS

Connecting the World of Underwater Sound

What We Do

Sound Library

GLUBS connects existing underwater sound repositories, analysis tools and reference libraries at a single access point. Our goal is to utilize and build upon these resources to create a comprehensive tool for sound processing and investigation. Explore the sounds of the ocean and discover new research.

Automatic Call Detectors

GLUBS is a platform for developing machine learning algorithms to automatically detect and classify biological sounds. These tools can assist in identification of sound sources in user-provided datasets, expanding the accessibility of bioacoustics research and connecting recordings from all over the world. Join us in this exciting research endeavor.


GLUBS is a resource for researchers, managers, and citizen scientists to connect, share, and collaborate on underwater acoustics studies. Find collaborators for your project, share your data, and make new discoveries together.



December 18, 2023   GLUBS publication! A new paper cataloging all species                                                 confirmed to produce sound underwater, along with                                                     those likely to be soniferous based on taxonomy has                                                     been published in Nature. This work is also                                                                     incorporated into the World Register of Marine Species                                                 to include sonifery as a searchable trait. Check it out!


December, 2023        GLUBS is inducted as a SCOR working group​

October 16, 2023      GLUBS becomes as an UNDOS-endorsed Decade                                                        Action project

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