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Welcome to GLUBS

Connecting the World of Underwater Sound

What We Do

Sound Library

GLUBS connects existing underwater sound repositories, analysis tools and reference libraries at a single access point. Our goal is to utilize and build upon these resources to create a comprehensive tool for sound processing and investigation. Explore the sounds of the ocean and discover new research.

Automatic Call Detectors

GLUBS is a platform for developing machine learning algorithms to automatically detect and classify biological sounds. These tools can assist in identification of sound sources in user-provided datasets, expanding the accessibility of bioacoustics research and connecting recordings from all over the world. Join us in this exciting research endeavor.


GLUBS is a resource for researchers, managers, and citizen scientists to connect, share, and collaborate on underwater acoustics studies. Find collaborators for your project, share your data, and make new discoveries together.



April 9 - 12, 2024       Are you attending the UN Ocean Decade of Sound                                                              conference in Barcelona? Come check out our off-site                                                         cultural event, co-organized by GLUBS, called 'Listen to the                                               Ocean'. Immersive yourself in soundscapes and learn about                                               the role of sound in the ocean. At the Museu Blau from

                                             April 9th-12th, 10am-7pm.

December 18, 2023   GLUBS publication cataloguing soniferous species and                                                       incorporating this into the World Register of Marine Species                                               to include sonifery as a searchable trait. Check it out!


December, 2023        GLUBS is inducted as a SCOR working group​

October 16, 2023      GLUBS becomes as an UNDOS-endorsed Decade                                                              Action project

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